UBC COURSE: How to Study the Bible

Learn how to uncover the richness and depth of scripture.  You will be equipped to research cultural and literary contexts, discover Greek and Hebrew meanings, and develop a Biblical theology for your FBEAP ministry.

Welcome to the How to Study Scripture Course!  Let’s get started! 

Download your syllabus and workbook and follow the instructions below.

1. Bookmark this page for easy access.
2. Request to join the secret “UBC How to Study Scripture” Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/527869651179530/about/ 
3. Purchase your books (found in the syllabus).
4.  Get started on the video lectures. (All of them have the password: UBCHERM2020 )
5. For the final project, see the Facebook group for video instructions, Q&A, etc.
6. Have fun! 

Video Lectures

Week 1: Let’s get started! 

Week 2: The Epistles

Week 3: OT Narratives

Week 4: Acts

Week 5: The Gospels & Parables

Week 5: The Law and OT Prophets

Week 7: Revelation

Week 8: Wrap it up