Frequently Asked Questions

Is UBC accredited?

We believe that the quality of ministry training experience is more important than accreditation.  UBC is not an accredited institution with the state of Texas, so our students do not qualify for financial aid, student loans, grants or tax benefits. However, a Certificate of Completion is issued to those that meet graduation requirements which serves as a validation to future ministry employers.

Can I apply for financial aid?

Horse and Soul’s Unbridled Bible College does not currently offer any Scholarships for students. However, your friends and family are welcome to contribute to your school costs.

Who is UBC for?

Unbridled Bible College is for those wanting to pursue a calling to FBEAP ministries.

Do I have to go through the whole UBC program to become a certified FBEAP facilitator?

No.  You can just go through a certification clinic with Unbridled Faith.  Please go to https://www.unbridledfaith.org/seminars/ for a list of upcoming clinics.

Is UBC a ministry of Unbridled Faith?

No, UBC is a ministry of Horse and Soul, however, it is in partnership with Unbridled Faith and Elaine Davis. 

What is the purpose of UBC?

To provide a Biblical and Business foundation for those called into FBEAP ministry.

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