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Unbridled Bible College is an online school of ministry to equip and empower Faith-Based Equine-Assisted Philosophy (FBEAP) ministries all over the world. Our classes are specially formulated to give FBEAP ministries a solid foundation in Bible, Therapeutic Communication and Business so they can thrive as God has called them.

what is fbeap?

FBEAP is based on the Bible and wild herd behavior. (The Word and the Herd!) We partner with horses and Holy Spirit to gently expose and eliminate unhealthy thought patterns and replace them with healthy, Biblical thought patterns that set people free for the life that God has called them to live.

UBC is a ministry of horse and soul

Horse and Soul is a family focused FBEAP ministry outside Houston, TX. They employ intentional interaction and exercises with horses that create opportunities to expose unhealthy patterns of thought and behavior in real time, all while offering alternative healthy tools that can be used in everyday life.  All FBEAP exercises are founded on Biblical principles and wild horse behavior. The desire of Horse and Soul is to restore hope to you and your family.


Maria Delavan is the founder and director of Horse and Soul Ministries in Texas.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and a Master’s Degree in Christian Formation and Soul Care from Denver Seminary.  She is passionate about her FBEAP work and is so grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Lord in this way.  In her free time she loves date night with her husband and watching her daughters grow. Maria will be teaching and leading all online courses.


elaine Davis

Elaine Davis brings you decades of experience working with horses and people, and is a seasoned and ordained Minister, a Trainer of trainers in EAP/EAL and FBEAP, and an inspirational Speaker. As the founder and President of Unbridled, LLC, Elaine has helped hundreds of people find healing and freedom through equine experiential learning on her ranch and also on location around the country. She has gone on to develop Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy (FBEAP) and developed The Stable Guide ™ Series – Seminar Certifications to teach FBEAP and to equip and certify FBEAP Facilitators and Trainers. In 2012, Elaine founded the FBEAP Association to serve the growing FBEAP movement. Elaine established Unbridled™  in 2005 has been leading  Equine Assisted Learning Certification Seminars since 2007. Elaine will be teaching and leading all in-person FBEAP clinics.

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